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Acupressure for Letting Go and Being in the Moment

Another of my favourite acupoints that I want to share with you is Large Intestine 4 (also called 'The Great Eliminator').

It has a wide range of uses, including for easing headaches, ear, nose and throat symptoms, toothache and pain in general.

I use LI4 and recommend it often for my clients as it is a really powerful point for assisting with letting go on all levels. I experience it as a much needed deeply releasing sigh or outbreath, that helps us to arrive in the present. Letting go is not something that we can actually do by working at it. It happens when we are able to 'not do'. Letting go is a surrender, an acceptance of what is. Whenever we are unable to let go, we are holding onto memories of the past or ideas about the future.

So working LI4 can help us to find this place of surrender; softening physical holding of tension in the body, especially in the jaw, neck, face or intestines, and releasing emotional holding if we are having difficulty expressing or being with our emotions, helping us arrive in the here and now.

(Because it has a strong releasing effect this point is contraindicated (not to be used) during pregnancy, except for in the final stages for promoting labour.)

To work this point:

LI4 is located halfway along the 2nd metacarpal bone as shown in the diagram. If you feel your way along the bone with your thumb, pressing 'up and under' the bone you should feel a tender, sore or achy sensation when you're on the right spot.

Press or massage the point for a few seconds or until any ache or soreness subsides. Make sure you are sitting in a comfortable position, so you can keep your whole body as relaxed as possible. If you rest your hands in your lap while you work this point, it's like holding your own hand! .

Feel your feet on the ground. Notice your breathing. Notice the sounds around you. This moment, right here, right now.

When you feel ready, repeat on the other hand.

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