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Uncover what holds you back,

 & heal it at the core,

so you can move forward

with freedom...


My coaching style is

holistic, therapeutic,

body-focused & effective...

Therapy Session

Maybe you are going through a big transition at the moment, or maybe several big life events have hit you one after the other. You may feel like you are struggling, you may be feeling lost and 'all at sea'​, and unsure of the next steps to take. You may just not be feeling like yourself anymore, like you've lost touch with the 'real you'.


My coaching sessions are a hybrid of my most effective tools gathered from years of training, including Transformational Dialogue, Body-Focused Enquiry and Shadow Work, plus my experience working with hundreds of people. 


Less traditional 'goal-focused' coaching, more of a sacred space in which to drop deep into yourself, I will support you to access inner resources that you didn't know you had.


Sessions are holistic, therapeutic and body-focused, and work to get to the core of whatever issue you are coming with, so that you can meet yourself more deeply than ever before, release whatever needs to released, heal old wounds and move forward in your life, with a renewed sense of passion and purpose.


I work with people to access their own inner wisdom and find their way with:

  • symptoms or pain in the body

  • difficult times of transition such as relationship breakdown, career change, retirement, becoming a parent, menopause etc.

  • relationship difficulties

  • emotional issues

  • creative blocks

  • finding their life purpose

Supporting you to:

  • move through pain and difficulty

  • connect with your emotions

  • release trauma held in the body

  • heal emotional wounds from the past 

  • find freedom from the patterns that hold you back

  • find greater ease and self acceptance

  • reconnect with the inner resources that give you the power to heal yourself and transform your life...

Standard session - 1 hour £45 - £65

Extended session - 90 mins £65 - £95

(I charge on a sliding scale, please choose which rate is affordable to you within the scale)

I work online and in person (Dartmoor, Devon). Most people come for a series of at least 6 sessions, some choose to work longer term. I am also happy to offer one-off sessions if you just need a little support to get back on track.

If you would like to find out more or get a taste of how I work, book a free introductory session:

Or get in touch to book a full session:

Enjoying Nature

"You held the session in a wonderfully open and supportive way... [It] left me in a deeply relaxed, peaceful but focused place... [and] reset my compass in a direction I really like..."

"You held the session in a wonderfully open and supportive way, and encouraged exploration and discovery so it really was like each of us taking turns to sail the ship out onto new seas.
Beforehand I’d been quite tense, irritable and sleep deprived for several days. The session left me in a deeply relaxed, peaceful but focused place. It reset my compass in a direction I really like.

It’s a tribute to your empathy and your skills that we were able to work as well as this on a first session when we didn’t know each other."

Colin M, Bristol

"[Over the course of the sessions] I learnt a lot of things... and made big changes in my relationship with myself. I feel a lot of trust in your presence. With you I feel able to speak and move from the way I really experience the world... I have never felt able to trust someone to work in this way, but ... trust has been possible for me because of the way you work. With your help I held conversations with parts of my body or bodymind, and allowed them to speak and release in their own ways. Your practice of echoing back certain phrases and moments of speech is really powerful [and] your insights are really precious to me. My expectations about what I need to do to deal with trauma have changed – I can just do it as myself, bit by bit, with support."

Christina Petrie,

writer and freelance book editor

"Having reassuring trust in you, being able to confide in you with my deepest troubles and you talking me through my thought process and listening to me process my thoughts was very healing. It has helped me release old pains that no longer serve me, to honour myself more and be kinder to myself. l look forward to a new cycle in my life and l feel l can deal with issues much more confidently now am learning not to hold on to issues that are negative to my wellbeing."


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