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Our life's experiences are held in our bodies...

Our bodies hold the key to our healing...


Shiatsu is a form of healing bodywork that connects deep into the muscles, joints and underlying energy (chi) of the body.

Shiatsu Massage Devon

Shiatsu is based on the same meridian and point system as acupuncture but, instead of needles, uses touch to connect on a profound level.


A range of techniques may be used depending on what is needed and appropriate, from gentle holding to deeply releasing stretches and pressure. Shiatsu can be deeply relaxing, powerful, energising, revitalising...

Each treatment is unique and tailored to you and your specific needs. No two treatments are the same, and I have no "fixed routine" for any one particular condition or situation. I work with your feedback, so that we can work together to support your journey to better health and wellbeing.


Although clients often come with physical ailments, Shiatsu works with the whole being rather than just the symptom.

Everything that makes us who we are is held in our bodies...
When you receive shiatsu all of you is welcomed and held;
your history and your hopes,
your woundedness and your perfection...

Why receive Shiatsu?

Your body may be calling for shiatsu if you:

  • are experiencing muscle stiffness or tension

  • feel stressed or ungrounded

  • are feeling pulled around by your emotions

  •  are feeling stuck or frustrated in your life

  • have low energy levels

  • are experiencing symptoms in the body...


Physical illness, tension, painful emotions, traumatic memories and difficult events can all be opportunities for deep healing and transformation.


When we experience feelings or sensations that we judge to be undesirable we tend to 'close down' around them. In doing so, however, something is lost and we become cut off from our full aliveness and vitality.


Through Shiatsu I can help you, safely and at your own pace, reconnect with what has been lost. These inner resources can give you the power to heal and transform your life.

Head Massage
"Your strong but gentle hands have worked wonders...! Thanks to you I am now almost free of pain and feeling much more optimistic than I was when I first came to you..."
Ashira McCloud

"Melanie’s presence is gentle, but solid and strong at the same time. She’s open and non-judgemental and works creatively which I really like. [She] allowed me to feel safe enough to be open and honest and I felt very supported by her.” JR

"Initially I came for shiatsu for back problems having tried [several other treatments] in the past… Shiatsu more than helped my back problems, but it also provides me with a sense of wellbeing, incredible relaxation and a sense of being at peace and able to take on the world."


Bodywork for deep healing

"Thank you so much Melanie for the beautifully held session today. I felt incredible choice and permission to go as deep as I actually needed which I haven't experienced with a practitioner before. Deeply and genuinely grateful."

Allie W

“The help you have given me is enormous and works on at least four levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. I am truly coming into my own; becoming more of who I am and feel happier and more nourished in places that I thought would always be sad and empty. I am managing to believe in my own beauty, and that is a transformation so great I would not have believed it possible. I am, and will always be, hugely grateful to you.”

Mark Maddrell

" have helped me more than anyone else in my adult life... At each session there is the discussion side first and then the bodywork and it always feels like I’ve had two sessions in one – emotional and physical healing. You seem to intuitively know the right thing to do ... and this has inspired me to follow my instincts [more]... You’re such a genuinely caring, understanding person. I feel lucky to have had this experience with you and I’m eternally grateful. Thank you!"

Andrew Savage

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