Sunset in the Forest
A safe space where all parts of you are welcome,
where you can transform issues at the 'root'
and find the 'gold' in even the darkest places...

"We do not become enlightened

by imagining figures of light,

but by making the darkness conscious."

Carl Jung


Shadow Work provides a safe space where all parts of you are welcome, where you can transform issues at the 'root' and find the 'gold' in even the darkest places...

Shadow Work is an intensive, experiential and often cathartic process which allows you to explore all parts of yourself deeply and, above all, safely.


Shadow Work can empower you to explore and change unhelpful behaviour patterns, and understand and heal situations that 'trigger' you, so that you can live life more fully and with more choice.

A one-to-one session lasts around 5 hours. The fee is £250.

Shadow Work sessions can be done in person, in my therapy room in Dartmoor, Devon, UK


Shadow Work sessions can be done online, via Zoom, with the 5 hour session being split over 2 or 3 days.

I am also a certified Shadow Work® Group Facilitator and regularly run weekend workshops with my partner Tim Hall. You can find details of our upcoming Shadow Work Weekends on our website here:

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"I've been able to

open doors within me

that I've been in fear of

for years..."

Terry Bruce, yoga teacher


Pricing & Location


A one-to-one Shadow work session lasts around 5 hours and costs £250.

This includes an initial no-obligation consultation, plus a follow up phone consultation/support call after the session.


I work via Zoom, or in person from my studio in a peaceful location in beautiful Dartmoor, near Chagford, Devon.

Full directions will be given on booking.

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"When we deny [our shadows] or project them onto others... they rule or restrict us... Embraced, they become part of our fullness, a further depth to our soul, a deeper and richer foundation from which to grow."

Ian Siddons Heginworth,

'Environmental Arts Therapy & the Tree of Life'


"The sessions with you were quite extraordinary and I was left with a beautiful sense of this being a whole new beginning... I can't thank you enough for your amazing intuition, support and care."



"Having already spent years unravelling and uncovering emotional wounds and feeling like I was on a rollercoaster, I felt little wary of what I might experience in the shadow work sessions.  As ever, Mel's courage and humility and skill with which she supported me, and helped to navigate my internal landscape, enabled me to explore with a delightful lack of self consciousness.  I expected to encounter dark and terrifying parts of myself.  I was surprised and so happy to find that actually - I just found 'me'."




Melanie Ward

Chagford, Newton Abbot, Devon

tel: 07581 375988

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