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Info for Shiatsu Clients

pricing, location, guidelines & booking

What happens in a Shiatsu session?

Shiatsu Massage Devon

Time and space for you...

A shiatsu session begins with time for you to arrive and, with guidance, explore what you want and need from the session. The bodywork takes place through clothing, on a comfortable futon mat on the floor. (It is also possible to work on a chair or massage couch if that is more comfortable for you.)

Each treatment is unique and tailored to you...

A range of techniques may be used depending on what is needed in the moment, from gentle holding to deeply releasing stretches and pressure. Shiatsu touch is a deeply listening touch so it will always be tailored to what you need.

A chance to look at life...

If you choose Shiatsu can be an opportunity to look at how you are 'doing' life, to identify behavioural patterns that may no longer be serving you, and to explore alternatives.

Or you may simply want to relax...

Some people prefer to simply take some time out to relax and recharge, and of course that is fine too!

Guidelines for clients...​

It is best to wear loose comfortable clothes, with layers so you don't get too hot or cold, and to also ensure that you are neither uncomfortably hungry or too full. It is advised that you do not drink alcohol on the day of treatment.


I work from a beautiful cabin surrounded by the wild nature of Dartmoor...

Prices, info & booking


I work from a beautiful cabin surrounded by the nature of Dartmoor, 1 mile from the centre of Chagford.

Full directions will be given on booking.


I charge on a sliding scale; please choose which rate is affordable for you within the scale:

Short session - 1 hour £45 - £65

Standard session - 90 mins £65 - £95

Extended session - 2 hours £80 - £120


Cancellation policy:

Please note that I ask for 48 hours notice for changes or cancellation of appointments; for changes or cancellations within 48 hours, the full fee will be payable.

For more info:

If you require more information, or if you have any queries, please:

book a free consultation


contact me



Melanie Ward

Chagford, Newton Abbot, Devon

tel: 07581 375988

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