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Self-help for anxiety

I want to share with you a few of my favourite acupressure points, chosen because:

they are points that I come back to time and time again in my practice, and

because they are easy to locate and work on yourself.

We're starting with my 'go to' point for stress and anxiety: Pericardium 8, also known as 'Palace of Anxiety' and 'Palace of Weariness'.

Massaging or pressing this point has a powerful influence on your mental and emotional state. I find it both soothing and energising, as it calms the mind, and can help us to access some 'inner fire' if we're feeling a sense of weariness, kind of like rekindling a candle flame.

It is easy to find and work this point yourself. Form a loose fist with your left hand and use the thumb of your right hand to locate the point- between the tips of the middle and ring finger, as shown in the diagram. Your thumb should naturally fall into a dip when you have found the right spot, and you may feel a sore or tender sensation.

Press or massage the point for a count of 10, or until your anxiety subsides. Then repeat on the other hand.


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