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How your grief can be a gift

Grief is a one of the 'gateway emotions' in Shadow Work. We can feel grief in relation to people or things we have loved and lost. We can also feel grief around what longed for but never had. When we can say yes to it, grief can be a 'gateway'... to connection with ourselves, connection with the people around us, connection with the world around us and connection with our deepest longings. But we need to be willing to feel our grief, to let ourselves move through our grief, to let our grief move through us... To let ourselves be touched, changed, cracked open by our grief. Sometimes we will come up against a feeling or emotion that feels too much to be with on our own. Then it can be hugely helpful to have the support of another person or a group, to help us touch our grief. Although our grief is ours and ours alone, we are not meant to do this alone. Feeling our grief is a necessary part of any transition process, as we let go of the old in order to birth into the new. A big component of the work that I do is supporting people to feel, and therefore move through, their grief. What waits on the other side is a renewed connection... with our self, with the people around us, with our longings and our soul's purpose, and with all of life.

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