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Our bodies are always calling us home...

Wellness Coach

If you are feeling frayed or frazzled...

If you are desperately longing for a break from the daily grind...

If you are looking after everyone else's needs and never find time for yourself...

'The Calling' is for YOU!

These online circles have been created as an opportunity for you to:

connect with yourself,

drop into your body, and

feel the support of community.

A time for you to step outside of the demands of everyday life,

to release, resource and realign...

We will hold a safe container for the group,

guide you in nourishing body-focused practices, and

hold a confidential circle for you to share whatever you need to share.

Wednesday evenings in March & April 2021, 7.00pm - 9.00pm GMT

on a drop in basis - come to as many or as few as you like.

Tickets are priced on a sliding scale:

£20 / £15 / £10


'The Calling' self-care circles are held by Melanie Ward and Bethan Evans


Melanie and Bethan have known each other for 10 years, and met through their training as Shadow Work coaches. They have also both trained with renowned relationship expert Jan Day, have completed the Women in Power programme and have sat in circle together for many years. They are both experienced bodyworkers; Melanie as a Shiatsu practitioner and Bethan as an Alexander Technique teacher. They bring sensitivity, acceptance and compassion to their work with the aim of creating a safe, non-judgmental space for whatever arises.

Wellness Coach

"I appreciated the time and space to really drop... I felt the profound echoes for days afterwards..."

"I wanted to thank you both so much for holding that beautiful space. The structure you put in place around it created so much safety for me. I deeply wanted to just be held. And that is just what I received. It was really interesting to notice how my feelings that waxed and waned through the session were so clear, and accessible. That the space of the circle gave space for feelings to arise without the need for me to fill any role, or ‘do’ anything. I appreciated the time and space to really drop [and] I felt the profound echoes for days afterwards. It was a really wonderful experience. Thank you."


Terry Bruce, Yoga Teacher

"Thank you for creating such a gentle space to rest with absolutely no demands or expectations."

Alison Bowker, Feeling Colours consultant

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