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Guided Self-Shiatsu

online tailored support for mind, body & spirit

Space for you

to be heard, held & supported...

Yoga Stretches

Guided Self-Shiatsu sessions offer a supportive, confidential space for you to be heard in whatever is arising for you.


Using tools from my 15 years of experience as a practitioner, and in consultation with you and your wants and needs, I will then offer a tailored session including some or all of the following:

  • therapeutic dialogue and body-focused enquiry

  • acupressure points and self-shiatsu/massage techniques that are relevant to you and your body's needs

  • support of natural, spontaneous movement

  • personalised stretches and exercises for the energy meridians

  • guided mediation

  • lifestyle recommendations

Guided Self-Shiatsu sessions can:

  • help you become aware of and present to your body and emotions

  • move through pain and difficulty

  • help to release stress and tension

  • calm the mind

  • feel more grounded

  • connect with a place of deep wisdom in you

If you would like to find out more or book a session please contact me.

"You held the session in a wonderfully open and supportive way... [It] left me in a deeply relaxed, peaceful but focused place..."

"Friday’s online session was just what I needed. I’ve never received shiatsu via a mobile phone, but this didn’t get in the way and it soon felt like we were in the same room.

You held the session in a wonderfully open and supportive way, and encouraged exploration and discovery so it really was like each of us taking turns to sail the ship out onto new seas.
Beforehand I’d been quite tense, irritable and sleep deprived for several days. The session left me in a deeply relaxed, peaceful but focused place. It reset my compass in a direction I really like.


It’s a tribute to your empathy and your skills that we were able to work as well as this on a first session when we didn’t know each other."


Colin M, Bristol


Melanie Ward

Chagford, Newton Abbot, Devon

tel: 07581 375988

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