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Night Sky



She is calling you!

In the leap of your heart

at the sight of a star-filled sky,

in your thirst for darkness and silence.

In the deep longing

that causes you

to reach out and try and touch

the full moon with your heart.

She speaks to you

through whispering trees

and half-remembered dreams,

through bird-song and wolf-howl.

She wants you to know that you are

as wild and alive and as beautiful

as the whole of Her creation.

She wants you to know that you are loved,

that you are love.

She longs for the fullness of all that you are

just as you long for Her...


She is calling you home

to yourself.

Melanie Ward

This poem was written in 2014. It was featured in the Earth Pathways Diary 2020, and in the Bradt book 'Juicy Crones: Inspirational Stories of Women Embracing Later Life' by Jay Courtney. The poem has also been shared at workshops, circles and groups throughout the world.

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