Distance Shiatsu Healing

info & guidelines for clients

Time for you to receive...


Time and space for you...

A distance healing session is time for you to receive.

The healing itself lasts 30 minutes, plus time to talk before and afterwards (this can happen immediately after the session or at an arranged time over the following few days).

You will need to allow 1 hour to 90 mins.

All you need is a phone and a quiet space

I tend not to use video calls  for these sessions as I have found that video connection is not necessary, and can be distracting.

We will have a short chat at the start of the session; this is space for you to explore what you want from the session, and to start to 'arrive', make connection with yourself.

What to expect...

Then you can lie down or sit comfortably. I recommend that you turn your phone off at this point. If you want to you can set an alarm so that you know when the session is finished, and if you need any support at any time during or after the session you can phone me.

Each treatment is unique and tailored to you...

Just like in an in-person session, I will 'tune in' and see what is needed in the moment, so the session will be tailored to you and your needs.

You do not need to do anything except be just as you are. You may experience a deep sense of relaxation, you may feel sensations in the body, and you may find that at times you want to stretch or move...

A chance to talk after the session...

I will message you or phone you to let you know when the session is over, and I will send you a copy of my notes on the session. Some people like to talk straight away. Others prefer to take some time to relax or sleep; if this is the case we can arrange a time to talk some time over the following few days.

Guidelines for clients...​

It is best to:

  • wear loose comfortable clothes

  • find somewhere to lie down where you will not be disturbed

  • ensure that you are warm enough

(you may like to cover yourself with a blanket)

  • ensure that you are neither uncomfortably hungry or too full

  • have a glass of water by your side in case you get thirsty

  •  do not drink alcohol on the day of treatment



Melanie Ward

Chagford, Newton Abbot, Devon

tel: 07581 375988

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