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Therapy Session

Emotional Support for
Sensitive Souls in or Approaching Menopause


​Menopause can bring up a lot, especially so if you are a sensitive person. It's like all our sensitivities become heightened at this time of life. Add to that the pressures and demands of day to day living, plus the negative messages we get from our society about menopause and aging, and we can end up feeling pretty fearful, frazzled, anxious and overwhelmed.

Whatever stage of menopause you are in, if you are struggling, support is available.


My one to one sessions are less traditional 'goal-focused' coaching, and more of a sacred space in which you are welcomed exactly as you are. I will support you to access inner resources that you didn't know you had; in fact you may find that your sensitivity is your biggest ally throughout your menopause process.

We can work with anything and everything that may be coming up including issues around relationships, sense of self worth, fear, anxiety and overwhelm.


Sessions are holistic, therapeutic and body-focused, and work to get to the core of whatever issue you are coming with, so that you can release whatever needs to released, heal old wounds and move forward in your menopause process, with a renewed sense of trust and confidence.

Sessions are £65 - £95 and last 90 minutes

(I charge on a sliding scale, please choose which rate is affordable to you within the scale)

Sessions are online via Zoom. Most people come for a series of at least 6 sessions, some choose to work longer term. I am also happy to offer one-off sessions if you just need a little support to get back on track.

You can book a full session or, if you have questions or would just like to find out more, book a free introductory session and I will be happy to talk with you.

"Being able to confide in you with my deepest troubles and you talking me through my thought process and listening to me process my thoughts was very healing. It has helped me release old pains that no longer serve me, to honour myself more and be kinder to myself..."

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