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Where are you in the cycle of transition?

We will inevitably find ourselves in periods of transition at certain points throughout our lives. Some of these transitions will be relatively minor and easy to navigate, and a few will be major, momentous shifts, that change everything and challenge us in ways we could not have imagined.

Times of transition can come upon us suddenly or gradually, through outer events, such as bereavement, or a life-changing health diagnosis, or from within, perhaps from an inner sense of frustration or dissatisfaction - we may just know deep in our bones that the life we are living doesn't fit us anymore, and that something needs to change.

Whenever and however it comes to us, there are several distinct phases in any transition process. There are a variety of models out there, some more complex than others. However if we reduce it to its simplest form, the stages of transition are:

The 'Endings' or 'Death' stage,

The 'Void' or 'In-between' stage


The 'New Beginnings' or 'Emergence' stage

Our consumerist culture, with it's continuous (and unsustainable) focus on growth and expansion doesn't honour the cyclical nature of life, and it certainly doesn't honour times of Ending or Void. (For a couple of examples, just look at how we are encouraged to fill up the darkest, stillest time of the year with a frenzy of consumerism, and the lack of respect with which we treat the elderly...)

So it can be understandably scary when we find ourselves in the Endings and Void stages of the transition cycle. In fact we may not even be aware that we are in a cycle. We may try to resist or deny the process, or we may tell ourselves to pull ourselves together, 'get over it' and return to 'normal' as soon as possible. But if we try to bypass the process we risk missing out on the gold that waits for us in the darkness, and on the other side...

In her book 'Coming Into Your Own', Barbara Cecil talks about the 'field of possibility' that opens up for us when we surrender to the transition process. Like the caterpillar that has to dissolve into mush inside its cocoon before it can emerge as a butterfly, or the cycle of decline and rebirth that a tree will go through every year year; when embraced times of transition can be times of growth; a chance to hear the call of our soul for something deeper, more nourishing and more authentic for us on the other side.

In my work, whether that is through bodywork, Shadow Work or coaching (or sometimes a mix of all three) I help my clients to listen deeply to themselves, so they can harvest the gifts from each stage of the transition process, and learn to trust themselves and the cycles of life. Feelings of falling apart, emptiness and confusion can be understood for what they are: part of a natural and generative process through which we can open to a deeper, richer and more authentic life.

If you would like some support on the next stage of your life's journey, whether that is a one off session or longer term support book a free 30 minute Zoom session - there's no hard sell, just a space for you to explore what might support you best for wherever you are in your life.


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